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The principal purpose of this website is to provide information about our house at No2 Westgate to a visitor (‘user’) of the website so that the user can (i) see what facilities the house and its location have to offer and, maybe, (ii) make an informed decision on whether he/she may wish to rent the property on a short-term basis.  



The website is hosted by and session browser cookies are embedded as part of the hosting package.  The sole purpose of using cookies on the website is to enable as smooth an experience for the user as possible.  No personal or identifiable data is obtained as part of this.   On entering the website for the first time, the user will be presented with a statement on the use of cookies on the website.   Use of the website thereafter means that the user has accepted the statement and is happy to continue under these conditions.



This website does use Google Analytics, a tool that enables us to see how the website is used by users of it by tracking the movement between pages and other similar tasks.   It does not capture or store any personal or identifiable data in doing this.   IP Address Anonymisation is set on so the identification and tracing of individual devices is not enabled or used in any way.



The Contact page of the website makes use of a data entry browser form so that the user may convey a message or query to the house owners.   The processing converts the data entered into the form of an email and sends it on the user’s behalf.   There are three personal data fields on the form that can identify the user – name, email address and contact phone number.    Other data supplied by the user in the free text message section is done so entirely at the user’s discretion.   These data items are used by the house owner solely for the purpose of responding to the user’s query and, if taken further, to enable correspondence with the user with details of the arrangements for renting the property on one or more future dates.   The data is never passed on to any third parties unless required to do so by law.



The no2westgate website include links to other third party external websites by use of the standard browser HTTP functionality – the same method used to connect to this website.   These links are activated either by clicking on an image that has a HTTP assignment to it or by clicking on some text that is similarly assigned to another page on this website or on an external website.   This text is shown typically by being underlined – for example, like this.    No personal or identifiable data is passed to any subsequent external website.

Once the user moves away from web pages within this website then the Data Privacy Statement defined here no longer applies and the equivalent policy associated with the next website the user visits takes effect.   The owners of the no2westgate website cannot be held responsible for any breach of the user’s personal data confidentiality on any external website.

05 april 18

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